Aircraft Spare Parts & Components Trading L.L.C.

At AEROPENTA we offer sourcing of aircraft parts to Aircraft owners, buyers, MROs, and Airlines worldwide with FAA / EASA approved parts. Making AEROPENTA your preferred aviation supply partner allows you to efficiently manage the logistics of airplane parts required by your operations. AEROPENTA supports you with comprehensive parts sourcing and off the shelf items. We provide our services to determine if a hard-to-find aircraft or engine part, component, or accessory whether new, new surplus, overhauled, or serviceable, is available. We provide product support like Airframes, Engines & Tooling Support, Avionics & Instruments, Landing Gears, Rotables, Windshields, Brakes & Wheels, Consumables & Lubricants and Ground Support Equipment.

AEROPENTA’ s highly experienced staff makes it possible for customers with AOG requirements or other critical needs to obtain their required aircraft parts quickly and at competitive rates while complying with the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

AEROPENTA has extensive experience in providing comprehensive aircraft inventory support and component services for the leading Airlines, MROs, and Distributors worldwide. We offer the products specified by aircraft manufacturers (OEM’s) which are fully traceable to the manufacturer and are supplied with a certificate of conformity.

We are constantly listening, learning, and adapting to meet the needs and expectations of our customers and we believe in creating strong, lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships with the people and companies we work with. Through our extensive experience and access to the leading Aviation inventory & OEM portals, we can source and supply a wide variety of parts. This is supported by the strong relationships we have nurtured with OEMs, Airlines, Leasing Companies, Distributors, and MROs.


AEROPENTA is a full-service provider with top quality and excellent prices, for all types of tooling for your fleet, including aircraft tooling, engine stands, engine tooling, GSE (Ground Support Equipment), airframe service etc.

Our team has over 150 years of combined experience with quality and efficiency you can count on.

Engine Transportation Stand

  • Inspection
  • Testing
  • Repairs / Overhaul
  • Re-certification

Engine Transportation Stand

We are timebound to the customer. Our Engine stands meets all the safety, reliability and specific requirements of transportation, installation / removal of your engines.

GSE (Ground Support Equipment)

At AEROPENTA we supply all the GSE you need. We provide products that are fully aligned to the needs of Airlines and Maintenance facilities around the world. We ensure the safety, sturdiness, precision and quality without any compromises of our GSE. Goods from our trusted suppliers are quality proven and amongst the best in the industry. We offer the following amongst other products:

  • Tripod Jacks
  • Axle Jacks
  • Wheel & Brake change equipment
  • Landing Gear change equipment
  • Hydraulic ground power unit
  • Ground power units

User friendly, reliable, and multipurpose, our large range of GSE is customer oriented.

For more information on our machinery or services, contact one of our dedicated team members.

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