Asset management

Our team proactively managing the parts, services, and costs involved in maintaining one or more aircraft across each aircraft’s useful life, from initial acquisition to final disposition.

Providing world class aircraft lease management services for lease returns and in service considerations.

Physical inspections / Management of records audit

On-sight Technical Representatives for Airlines, Lessors, lessees & MRO’s. Comprehensive records review and physical inspection of the airframe, engines, APU’s & landing gears. Our technical records specialists will collect, review and consolidate all essential aircraft records and documentation and put together a full document package in paper and in digital form for our customers.

Aircraft delivery / Re-delivery & Interim management

Liaising with lessor and operator to ensure a smooth and efficient process. Technical and financial asset management considerations.

Aircraft transitions

Aircraft end of life support service.


  • Aeropenta provides services for New Aircraft Deliveries at the aircraft delivery location by providing Inspectors with vast experience in new aircraft deliveries.
  • We provide complete aircraft deliveries from the time of order to the section assembly line to the final assembly line.
  • Our Inspectors are placed at both the Airbus and Boeing delivery's location providing onsite support.
  • We provide the complete status of aircraft sections presentation, where issue logs are recorded and addressed to the customer for the final decision.
  • AEROPENTA staff are all B1/B2, Structure, IFE, Paint, and Cabin specialists covering from airframe to power plant and cabin...


During the manufacturing and delivery of the aircraft, we offer our customers representation and technical support on the final assembly line (FAL). To perform this representation, experts are provided on-site at Boeing and Airbus' OEM facilities. We ensure the completion of the manufacturing process on time, on cost, and in accordance with specifications until TAC (technical acceptance completion).

Several technical services are provided by us to supervise OEM activities in an efficient and proactive manner.


  • Our representative(s) perform inspections when required by the OEM at the zone presentation in accordance with the customer inspection manual.


Our representative(s) perform paint inspection when required by the OEM:

  • Check the paint quality.
  • Check the correct application of the livery in accordance with the approved paint drawings.
  • Check the aerodynamic sealant and smoothness.
  • Check windows and windshields condition.

Following is the sequence of inspections conducted in accordance with OEM basic customer inspection requirements:

  • During OEM presentations, inspect the product.
  • Make sure deviations are recorded in a quality logbook (QLB) and that important issues are photographed.
  • Re-inspect deviations after corrective actions have been taken.
  • Conduct a review of all concessions reported, recommend follow-up actions, and follow up on close-out actions.


Our representative(s) shall attend the following activities:

  • Leak checks. (Strongly recommended)
  • Ground checks
  • Engine runs
  • Acceptance flight

These activities are performed in accordance with the OEM CAM (customer acceptance manual).


  • OEM concessions review
  • LRU / LLP inventory and check as much as possible.
  • Delivery documents review
  • Delivery documents compilation and scanning


  • During final assembly, a weekly report for each aircraft with dedicated pictures (if any) is sent by e-mail to the customer-assigned persons. This report relates the aircraft assembly process progress, including the manufacturing deviations and the concessions management, it lists the discrepancies discovered during physical and records inspection.
  • In case of important deviations or defects recorded during a presentation, the customer- assigned persons are immediately contacted by our representative by phone and/or e-mail, in order to define the recovery actions.

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