AEROPENTA is an aircraft asset management and parts solutions organization based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Our aim is to incorporate a dynamic and futuristic maintenance establishment utilizing the latest technologies to ensure a smooth and efficient operation with a superior customer experience.

The journey began with a vision which encompasses highly experienced and diversified aviation professionals with an aim to strengthen the vision of the UAE as a global aviation hub.

We cater to the growing needs of the aviation sector with a strong focus on safety and customer satisfaction.


With the rapid growth in the transport business, aircraft maintenance and its related services are crucial to ensure safety and airworthiness of an aircraft or aircraft components. Our obligation is to ensure a timely and safe service in a cost-effective manner.



To guarantee high quality products and nurture customer relationships to become our client’s number one choice. We aim to assure the timely delivery of high quality and reliable products, develop customized solutions with competitive pricing and establish client focused ethical business practices.